Thursday, January 2

Acrylic Tumbler Stencil

The big squirrel is clocking up another birthday on Saturday. It is a drag to have your birthday close to Christmas, so we always try to make a bit of a big deal about it. This year we have seafood dumplings for dinner - yum.
The problem each year is what to get. It is hard enough to find gifts at Christmas and now we are back there again!  Somewhat fortuitously, one of the kids broke his favourite cup. It was an accident - a basketball landed on his 'top dad' plastic cup - not too major, just that it was his favourite. I did a silent "yay" as now we could give him a replacement for his birthday.
We hit the shops to get a good plastic cup. Glass breaks and plastic can vary. We ended up with a double walled acrylic - however it is in Christmas green and our only other choice was red. Maybe as the year progresses we may be able to pick up a clear one. (All of $3 at Kmart)

There was some thought as to what to put on this cup, but then I remembered it was a top dad one so I thought a quick internet scan for images as a reference. Lucky for me I found exactly what I wanted and copied the picture through the silhouette software, and made a quick template of the top dad sign.
I cut this using some vinyl I had. I only have pink or black, so chose to make a template and paint it rather than using the vinyl.

 I had some of this frosted medium that is meant to give the effect of frosted glass and its what I had in mind of using until I read that it needed to be baked. Next best was this puffy paint. I have used it on plastic before and its fine - and this cup cant go in the dishwasher so no drama, decision made.

 I mixed the silver and white for a lighter colour and painted it with a paintbrush. I was happy with a texture because it is quite difficult to see on the green.  Peeled off the vinyl and leave for 24 hours to dry before wrapping it up.

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