Monday, January 27

Basketball - competition round up.

Part of the deal with the rep basketball team is that you enter an Australia Day competition in Eltham. Our little team, which one parent names the Mighty Ducks (you may need to reference the Disney movie with Emilio Estevez) had never won a game so you can say that none of us had high hopes for them.
We played our first game on Friday night - and unsurprisingly got beaten. We looked a little rusty given the long time off, but it was fair. The second game was at 8:45 am which was a little bit of a shock to the holiday system but we got there and low and behold, the boys won. In fact they were always in the lead, however it was a close game. No one was more surprise by this first win but them!! We had the rest of the day off which was great.
Sunday morning saw us out again for an 8:45 game which the boys won again. This time by a greater margin as i imagine they had a little confindence. Our final game of the competition was at home and we played a rough little team who beat us easily. We were all happy with this, but then incredibly surprised to be playing again at 8:45 in the semi final. We were playing the rough team that beat us and we all figured that would be it. However it was not.
They were cockey and we had nothing to lose so when one of our boys was on fire and scored the first two goals, it was almost all over. Our boys played the game of their lives and the other team were literally in tears. We could do no wrong while they could do no right. Just goes to show how much has to do with skill and how much is mental. WE won 20 to 13 and were off to the grand final!!
It was hot with lots of spectators at the Eltham Leisure Centre. Mum was well enough to come and watch. It was a real spectacle. The boys got announced individually onto the court- full of ceremony. They were relaxed but we certainly weren't!
We didn't win the grandfinal. We got beaten by a mere 43 points - and they went easy on us in the second half! Our boys however never gave up and kept fighting until the end - they were just outplayed by a far superior team.
So they came runners up, went home with a trophy which is still exciting. They had their first win, got into the finals, and learnt a lot about team work, basketball and that they all need to do more training.
Certainly an experience for us all!!

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