Saturday, March 12

Back at the machine

We are off to a wedding tomorrow so I have been busy making the wedding present. I made them what I call a 'Family Blanket' which is really a large picnic blanket.
As you can see here, beautifully modelled by Spencer, the blanket is two thicknesses of polar fleece loosely quilted together and bound in a cotton floral. While it is reversable the top side is a pale blue minky and the bottom is a charcol grey - to hide the dirt. It is about 1.5m x 2.3m so big enough for our family or just two with room to snuggle. You can see below the hidden pocket which is sewn into the blanket. I keep change in here but it is a great spot for the phone too.
The blanket is wrapped with a bag using D rings as closures and I have two big floral pockets for sunscreen wallet etc. The inside of this bag is denim on which I embroidered Taylor Family - Est 13 March 2011 - Their wedding date. We have one and use it all the time - hope they enjoy it too.

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