Friday, March 4

Putting my people to work

So I had this idea for a gift for the hens night which is tomorrow. I had seen these on etsy and thought it was a brilliant idea and would be perfect for the bride to be.
I spoke to Mr P about it and he was going to get me some wire. As it turned out, I did the drawing of what I wanted and he was a darling and bent the wire for me.
I was on at the Big squirrel to get me some paint (from the garage as he uses it for work, but it was late before we got it. He then drilled the hole in the hanger (which I had sanded and painted in a white wash glaze - my only contribution!!)
and inserted the wire.
It looked really good but the darling put it in back to front (the curve of the coathanger) and had to do it again and then respray it because of all the effort to get it out!!
It looked really good, and he packaged it up so that I could take it to the party while it was still tacky. What this did mean is that I didn't get a photo of the finished project. I will have to get one with the dress!

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  1. what an awesome idea! And the men in your life helping you out like that. Oh to have a brother that thoughtful. I'm sure she loved it. x