Sunday, March 20

Harry Potter - Costumes

This is where I notoriously go a bit silly. (And quietly why I haven't hosted a party for 2 years) I decided it was easier and better for all the kids to look the same so I made cloaks- yes, for all of them.
I got a simple dressing gown pattern from a burda
and cut out 16 of them out of a light weight knit from Darn Cheap at only $2.95/m. I lined the hoods in red fabric because all of the kids were in Gryffindor.
The closer was a snap which was hammered in and the final touch was a badge.

The badge was again thanks to google images, and I printed these onto Canvas paper that I simply put into the computer. Awesome and easy. The image printed straight onto the fabric and I zigzagged them on.
The other accessory is a wand- and this is an activity with chopsticks, feathers and electrical tape. I will show you some photos on the day.

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