Tuesday, March 15


Alexander is having a party! It is a big deal because I have been promising it since January 2009 and we haven't got around to it. His birthday is in January -mid school holidays and it is a tough time to have a party. Last year his class was too big but this year everything is just right and its on.

I know its not very original to have a Harry Potter party, but it is what he wants so I am running with it. The date is set for the 26th of March and the invitations are out.

The invitations - well thank god for the internet. I google searched Hogwarts and found a logo. Then I copied and adapted the Harry's letter from the first book to create our invitation. Then I printed them on cream paper- in green ink of course. This is what I printed - it is squished because I created a jpeg from powerpoint but you get the idea.
I had wanted to adapt the address for each child so instead of getting the cupboard under the stairs as the address, I wanted to do the location of the childs room. This was too difficult and a bit weird to ask - especially those kids I don't really know so we adapted. We rolled the letters up like an owl was delivering them and then attached a magnetic Hedwig owl.
Again I got the image from a google search an set them out on a page and simply printed onto computer magnetic paper. I put a hole in the bottom so the string could hold the letter and also
that they could hang on the fridge with the letter open.
They have been well received so I am pleased and most people can come - so Alexander is happy too.

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