Thursday, October 6

Bike Bag

Recently a friend asked if I could make a bike bag for her to give as a gift to a little boy. The initial brief was denim and red; have his name on it; big enough to carry his toy but not too big to be a problem on his bike. He is turning 5.And here is the finished product. It is denim and red. We chatted about having a name emblazoned on the front of your bike and dismissed it. I suggested the initial, and was dismissed. The request was for a sausage dog.
I toyed with it for a while, and searched all of our embroideries to find something suitable. Nothing was - everything just looked a little twee. So I used my artistic licence and appliqued his initial in red. I think it looks good.
The bag velcros onto the front of the bike and the flap over, which also velcros can attach over the front or tuck in if required.
Just so that I met the brief better, I made a little lined purse to go with the bag. I got the image from a google search and drew it onto freezer paper, before freehand embroidering it with a little zig zag.
I think they will be happy with it - my boys are and have put their orders in!!!

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