Saturday, October 1

Artober- cat in the Hat

When Xandy was 4 we had a month of art in the september and now with the twins I am trying to have the same focus again - but now its October. As a comparison, they are much more prolific in their art production at kinder than he was - but he talked (and still does) way more. Different kids really!! Either way - I am going to try to do something creative with the boys every day and mid school holidays it seems like an even bigger challenge.
Today was grand final day - my team were playing but didn't win. I wont dwell on that. Spencer has been fascinated by the cat in the hat and just needed to dress up like him. He had been running around with a broom handle as a tail. Not very safe I know. To substitute we made one out of an old pair of tights stuffed with newspaper. Socks on his hands were gloves and socks on the feet sufficed - but he had to have a hat.
Quick trip to get some card and ta-da cat in the hat. He wore it all day and was so impressed with himself.
He was happy - the bigger boys watched the footy and mum and I sewed which was very productive.

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