Thursday, September 29


Yesterday we had an appointment to meet our new basketball coach. The weather was looking ominous so it was moved from school to the local YMCA. As I loaded up the kids at 3:45, the sky was black and lightening was flashing. As I made it 20 meters up the hill, the rain had started, thunder and lightening and it was very very frightening.
I didn't have very far to go - maybe a whole 2km if that. The weather was getting worse and worse. We were in the middle of the storm.
We got there safely and after a minute or two decided to make the dash from the car to the building. I had just got everyone out when a lovely lady told me they were evacuating the pool and not to go in. I was not happy being in the car so we made the decision to creep back home. By now the power was out, flash flooding and strong winds. The traffic was already heavy. Not a nice time to be out.
We made it home to our powerless home, but at least we were safe. Found the candles while there was still light and managed a nice dinner on the gas burners.
Once home, I have to say that that was one of the absolute scariest times of my life. My boys in the car, out on the road when we really shouldn't be. I was so happy to get inside.

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