Thursday, September 1

A night Off

My parents, now they are back from a holiday, have been really helpful during the big squirrels travels, but I don't usually like them to babysit for my social things. Sounds weird but they can help out with the kids, but I don't usually take a night off. However with a disrupted and protracted travel as this one has been, I had already committed to so many things, that I feel I have been calling on them every night. In fact today, Dad went to the school Fathers Day Breakfast, and then they babysat for me again tonight, while I went out for dinner with some school mums.
This had been booked for some time, and we went to George Calombaris's new restaurant St Katherine's. I am no foodie so forgive me, but it is modern greek, middle eastern and turkish cusine. (yes straight from his website)
The concept is that it is food designed to share and whatever it was that was ordered was really nice - I was happy to leave that in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing. Having said that the staff were really very helpful - to the point that they also dont want you to over or under order and what came out was really tasty, plenty of food and a bit of fun. I would recommend it, it is a fun experience. I probably wouldn't go back with my lot - it is all a bit too adventurous for them. The big squirrel is a parma man. Really enjoyable night and nice to have a little break.

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