Tuesday, September 27


The morning greated us with grey dreary weather which is never fun on the holidays.
Dad came over and they watched the Rio movie and then we decided to hit the streets. We went out to the Monash Hotel which has a good playground for the kids to burn off some energy and have some lunch. It was kids day there complete with face painting and a magician all free!! Now, I am blaming the glass of wine I had with lunch for the next turn of events - which was the new Ikea.
Yes, in the school holidays I took my dad and the three boys into the new Ikea - one of the biggest around. I love to wander Ikea to get ideas as well as little knick knacks and who would have guessed the boys would enjoy it too!! Hooray - it was actually a pleasurable experience - the whole way around. They all had their tape measures and Benji was putting a little pencil mark on - well - everything. Just a measure mark that Dad would wipe off along behind him. Apart from that it was lovely. They are growing up - I should remember that and not put limitations on what we can and cant do.

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