Monday, January 31


One of my dear friends is having a birthday of the 'oh' kind. She is one of those people who has everything so I had no idea what to get her. She either likes very proper jewellery or it has to be funky/quirky so I worked with this idea.
I saw this on Anthropologie and thought I would give it a try.My first attempt was with these golden beads that I had lying around. It was more about working out the technique than the finished product.I bought some pearls from a little stall at Chadstone MSP and got to work. I had planned to make it wrap round four times, but I lost a bit of interest and I think my pearls were too big to do that many times.

It is really hard to photograph your own hand. Not that you can tell here but it sits really well. I am not happy with the cotton I chose and am worried about its long term wearability (ie breaking and pearls falling everywhere).
Then, I stumbled on this tutorial which shows you how to make it. I made it totally back to front from this idea - but the technique is there.

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