Tuesday, February 1

Put a cork in it!

Does anyone know where to get a cork to plug a big financial drain? We are literally haemorrhaging! I know these things go in cycles, but this has gone on for too long and is too heavy and it HAS TO STOP!

First - the big squirrels car. It has spontaneously sprung a leak. Just sitting in the driveway a hole appears and water is squirting out of it. This spontaneous event is on top of the month where it has barely been driven, had 3 trips to various mechanics involving long stays and a rest in the car graveyard over christmas. The cooling systems was all replaced, then the head gasket and not another hose is squirting! I am no mechanic, but if we've had the car a week - shouldn't someone have seen this coming......

Then there was Benji's accident. I made a choice to go to a private hospital. I could have gone to the public ones, but on a hot Saturday afternoon with the two other kids in tow I made the choice to pay a bit and get seen quicker. It was the plastic surgeon who stung me - in the theatre prep, all of us all gowned up and getting final consent for the operations - he says to me, "Your health fund will cover my fee and I will send the bill directly to them" (Me in my head - YEAH!!) "but....(here it comes) there is a gap of $500, is that OK?" (WTF!!!- What a &*%$ time to tell me this. Like I can say no now!) Me- "Yes"
Again - no medical expert, but surely rather than holding a gun to my head, someone could have explained this earlier. Granted, I would not have changed anything, but we talked money at the front desk when we checked in, it wouldn't have left such a bad taste in my mouth if this had been mentioned then too.

Finally - and really lets hope this is the third and FINAL thing. I have gas..... Yes I know it is hard for me to actually admit it, but I do. Very expensive gas at that too. Our gas supply is being replaced - outside our property, in the street. So we had no gas while they did this work to the service. After two days of no cooker or hot water I was a bit over it, but it was done (and at no visible cost to me) The following day I was out watering my veggies and smelt....GAS. Since the work was only day the preceding day, I rang them and they came straight out. There is a gas leak and the gas needs to be turned off. Alright. The issue is it is on MY side so I need to get a plumber and get is sorted. UGH! (An aside, I don't understand how I had to find this leak when THEY were testing it the day before- anywho) Ring plumber who comes out on a hot Friday afternoon. Good News - there's not one gas leak. Bad News - there are lots and your system is corroded and it all needs to be replaced! The lack of hot water seems minor compared to the risk of the HOUSE BLOWING UP! The following day - all the gas pipes were replaced and we now have hot water.

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