Sunday, February 6


When we have a birthday invitation, my biggest concern is always the gift. I was working on the bracelet for my girlfriend, but it didn't seem right. Then I made this convertible leather and pearl necklace that can wrap around the neck 3 times with random largish pearls , or six times around the wrist. When I put the two together, it made them both look cheap (which they were not) Mum always says too much dilutes the effect. So the party was today and this morning I thought I would whip her up a dress. (groan I know)
Karma came to bite me because nothing would go right. It is a jersey dress with two seams and binding around the neck and arms. Fairly straightforward but the machine would not sew it. I changed machines and stitches kept skipping. Then the overlocker came unthreaded and I got a shine on it as I was pressing it. Not to mention all the trouble with the dress, I was stretching the necklace and the stupid thing snapped. Didn't put me in optimal party mode. Must remember this feeling. I did manage a gift in the box and off to the party at a reasonable time.
The card is a download from 74 Lime Lane. I wrote the insides on the way.
Lunch was lovely and she loved the gift.

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