Tuesday, February 8

Dress ups

Naomi had a picture of a dress which she had seen on 13 Mimosa which she wanted to make. I said it was easy and would help her. In order to know what on earth I was doing, I had a bit of a go myself.
It turned out Ok. The fabric I used was grey cotton voile which was on special at Lincraft. I made two panels which were cut at length and gathered. I did twice my size which I found to be too poofy- we decided 1.5 times was much better.
The fabric is quite sheer and seems to grip to everything I think to put under it - bit of a bummer and as a rule it is not a style that particularly suits me.
Having said all that- I was really happy with the neckline (on my see through, fattening and unnaturally clingy dress) I simply cut circles and ovals out of four different shapes and stacked them in decreasing size on top of each other. Then I did a bit of a catch here and a pucker there to give them some texture, adding pearls and red coral beads as I went.
Who knows what is to become of this dress. Maybe it will be a top. I could possibly cut off the bottom and add it into a straighter skirt or as I have presently done hang it unworn (except for this fashion parade) in the wardrobe.
It served its purpose and Naomi's version looked great and even got an outing!!

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