Saturday, February 19

Twirly Whirly Skirts

Kinder had some outside dress up that needed replacing. All tulle and netting was 20% off at Spotlight so I got a meter and a half of each (so it was a square as it was 150wide)
They were super easy with a full circle they only needed waist elastic.

Here is the fabric laid out (it was a soft net with sparkles)
Folded in half
Half again to have a quater
Cut a small circle from all the folds and then a large one from the open edges
Opens out to a full circle skirt with a large circle in the middle.
Then I stretched elastic into the centre circle to make the waist. The skirts are sheer to be worn over clothes and the kids need to be able to put them on themselves. And of course who can resist spinning around in a full circle twirly whirly skirt. Not me (and I did!)

In a bid to rid myself of scraps, I used the leftovers to make a completely no sew skirt. I literally tied the large left over pieces onto elastic and tied the elastic together. I did sew some decorative flowers on, but that is totally optional.

These are the larger pieces cut from the corners of the skirt with the point positioned at the top. There were four scraps from each skirt. I laid them out in a pattern.Then I literally tied the top point of the fabric to a piece of elastic. It was some underwear elastic and I just spaced them evenly around what I thought was waist size. (the boys weren't very interested in modelling.) Then I tied the elastic in a knot. Really a no sew skirt. To finish it off, and rid myself of any scraps, I gathered the centre circles cut from the other skirts into a sort of puffy flower and placed the four of these evenly around the skirt waistband. I sewed these on.

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