Saturday, February 26


The kids have all attended the local sessional kindergarten and this year I lucked out and am president of the committee. This means I am dragged out of my comfort zone and have to actually engage real people in conversation (as opposed to any invisible people here)
Tonight we had our kinder welcome picnic(sorry no pictures as I didn't remember the camera). The weather was lovely and we actually had the best turn out ever. Pretty fabulous really. Often those things can be daunting to new parents coming and picnicing with random families but it was busy, the kids were having fun and the adults all chatting. There is a really nice feeling of community and comradery that you get in local organisations. I wish you could bottle it.
The big squirrel was stuck at work (darn self-employment!) so I was incharge of three overtired monkeys, but I survived - as did they. Solo parenting did make the presidential job a little easier. As I was wearing two hats nobody minded if I ran off mid sentence to coax one of my children down from something precarious.
Not that I am counting down, but theres only 9 months to go...........but that means my little babies are growing up and thats a bit sad. Reminder to self - live in the moment

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