Thursday, February 17


I have had the pile of my old clothes in my room for some time now. I was going to host a clothes swap but that I feel takes more organisation than I can muster. Then Alexander and I thought about giving them to Queensland flood victims, and they don't want them - they actually want money as they don't have any storage. Fair enough. Then we thought a garage sale and sell them off, but again that has only been talk. What prompted my action was the phone man came to fix the phone and had to go into my room where there are piles of clothes stacked! He didn't know that they are clothes for donation and I didn't need to tell him. It looked awful and I have to do something about it.
So I sorted and folded all the clean clothes and they are only good clothes - all the stained or pilled stuff went in the bin. The car was loaded and I was off to the op shop.
I went when they were open because I was trying to help. I would have even put the things on hangers. I got there and found the appropriate person who didn't at all seem very interested. She (begrudgingly) came out to the car and had a cursory glance and said "No thanks". No THANKS! I am giving you nice clothes, not asking for any money, not dumped in a garbage bag on your doorstep and you say no thanks. I said I had some new pieces there, and she picked up an unworn beaded sussans top and said, "our customers are really looking for quality". Now I was getting shirty, because she lifted that top off an Alanah Hill, D&G and Witchery top. Also I have been IN to the op shop and if they were looking for quality they would still be looking 'cause it ain't in there! Our exchange finished with her quip, "Welcome to the world of Op Shopping".
So, I walked away, not feeling very welcome or helpful still with a bootload of old clothes. At least they are out of my room!!


  1. They look great! I love how you know how to maximise the use of the material. A skill you must learn with practice. Those kinder kids are lucky to have you, I'm sure there will be hours of dress up fun in those. x

  2. I think I posted a comment to the wrong post. Sorry.

    About the op shop - I wonder if their customers would appreciate that bags full of designer and beautiful clothes were refused. Silly woman. x