Sunday, February 27

Even I would hate me

Seriously. Sometimes it is a burden being able to sew. I now that sounds conceited, but it is. I am lucky enough to be able to see something and work out how to make it. I also have a large stash of fabric to pull from. What this means is that I know how 'easy' something is to make, and how cheaply I could do it- then I cant justify spending any money on it.
I had been brainstorming this morning what to get for the birthday people of the two parties Alexander was attending today. Yes, not one but two - a boy and a girl. I was planning to go out to the shops last night but the big squirrel got home late(!) and it wasn't an option. So, Saturday morning job it became - around basketball where the boys won their first match (however in this picture you would think it was the final!)
We were running late to basketball because I had decided to make a dress. 10:30 and I am making these decisions, and the party is at 2!! I had a random kids pattern that I had found in the sewing cabinet that was a singlet top and asymmetric skirt. Found it - perfect. Then came the the stripe which I had been carrying around wandering what to do with. I would have been lucky if there was a metre. Then I adjusted the pattern into a dress by matching the waist markings on the top and the skirt and running in the skirt width a bit.
After basketball and a lightning trip to Kmart (where we bought white leggings and a Guiness Book of Records Book for the boy) we whipped it up.
The skirt needed to be lifted up a bit to make it more flippy. The yo-yos were a bit of an afterthought, mainly because they were the feature of the top I was wearing. Out of the scrap bag and button tin came this customised look - all wrapped and ready for the party.

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