Friday, January 7

Guilt Job

Today I headed off to Darn Cheap fabric to see if I could add to my already extensive collection of bargain fabrics that are not yet made into anything and guess what - I walked out empty handed!! Yes, they were having a sale and absolutely nothing spoke to me. I didn't even wander around holding a random role and put it down. Nothing. I did b buy two pairs of leather heeled sandals (Tony Bianco) next door for $20- yes for 2 pairs! Maybe that satisfied my quest for a bargain - but I drove home determined to finish making something.
With no fabric to bring inside, together with the reminder of the unfinished
doonas HERE I pulled out all the fabric and got sewing. I finished two of these for the twins before they went to bed.
(obviously I am not one for staging. Maybe I can even tidy their room when i photograph it with cushions etc!)
I did manage another two slightly different ones for the beds in Alexander's room. His room is far to messy to even photograph, let alone post! I have some scraps left over for some pillows and cushions but I am really pleased with how they look. The nautical theme for boys has a long lifespan, and I am really pleased it isn't scribble or skulls which seems to adorn so many boys clothes and accessories.
Now I can breathe out and let go of a little bit of guilt, cross one thing off my to do list.