Sunday, January 30

Post Op

We made it through. All done and all good. Benji was so good. We farmed out Alexander to Mums and then poor Spencer and Benji were fasting until the operation. We had to be at hospital at 8 - but the operation wasn't until 10:30. I think we were all a little preoccupied with food.
We were at Cabrini which has a truly fabulous kids ward. I had a bag full of entertainment, but we didn't need any of it. There was heaps to do there.
Benji only had a very minor operation - but I was concerned about the anaesthetic. I was allowed to go in with him. They put him onto the table. Then they gave him a mask with a balloon attached and asked him to blow up the balloon. They explained that they would start to put the gas in and he would go to sleep. He did - very quickly. Then they asked me to say goodbye to my little boy and sent me out to the waiting room. I didn't realise this was going to happen and it was so confronting.
I had to leave my poor little helpless boy lying there all alone. I trust the professionals, but he is my little was so hard.
Time seemed to drag on forever until they came back to say he was waking up. Everything went well and he woke up still talking about food! My little Benji is back.

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