Sunday, January 23

Lost and Found

We went up to mum and dads today with the bikes as they have a variety of bike tracks around there and as we gave dad a bike for christmas we have to get him out using it! Six of us went out leaving a happy Nan at home playing. It was great with 3 adults and three kids as we each manage a boy. Benji is still on a little bike, but pumps his legs so fast that he is going as fast as those little wheels will take him. Spencer on the other hand moves his mouth that quick but is much more interested in conversing than peddling and is happy to puddle along behind. This is really difficult to manage on my own, but with 2 other helpers it is actually quite enjoyable to get out and about.As a mentioned, we had left mum at home playing - with her fabrics! Now she has a stash. In fact a separate specifically built 'shed' complete with pattern drawers (like the shops) and filled with fabric. She wasn't in there - she was sorting the stuff which was inside and had been piling up so that she couldn't find things - like the industrial sewing machine!! (This machine is built into a table so shouldn't actually be easy to loose).
With the machine found, we also found some long lost fabrics - which has given me renewed inspiration to make some things. I have a couple of grown up functions to attend (quite excited) and need some new dresses. I saw one yesterday that I liked and am going to recreate in a lovely navy and green silk burnout chiffon (stay tuned) and this leather which needs to be a jacket.

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