Saturday, July 9

Ice Ice Baby

We were lucky to get tickets (in a box) to see Disney on Ice tonight - through Mum's work. The boys were excited and got all dressed up and were on their best behaviour. They love Mickey and Minnie and were excited to see the show.They weren't disappointed as the first people out were Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. We also saw Cars, The Little Mermaid and Lion King. All very well done and the use of fabric and lighting was beautiful.
There were however a couple of downsides. The started to loose interest at interval and the second half was all tinkerbell, which doesn't really engage them. Girls would probably LOVE it. The other problem was that while it was lovely to be in the box with comfy seats and party food, we were probably too far away. You couldn't see their faces (yes I had my glasses on!) but you also couldn't see the ice - or their skates - so the idea that they were skating on ice was really lost on us in the box. Still was a good night.

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