Wednesday, July 13

Bits and Bobs

Well into the second week of the never ending holidays and things are getting a bit tougher. The boys are bored and hungry. We had a lovely playdate at our place today which was a welcome relief and I made these Apple Chips. YUM. From a pinterest find - I need to refine a little but tasty.
Then I got a little time off and went out to see Bridesmaids. If you can deal with a little projectile vomit and inappropriate humour it is a very funny movie. What is really nice is that they have real bodies, wrinkles and wear their clothes more than once (alway a pet peeve for me). It gave me a chance to have a really good look at this top. Apparently from Urban Outfits last year and no longer around so me thinks I may need to make one.
The top looks like the beige stripes have been folded up but I actually think it is black fabric at the top folded in stripes. On my to do list for summer.

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