Tuesday, July 12

MAster Chef

We did some cooking. There was no time for a recipe so we just winged it. I got out anything I could find and we were making museli bars. There are currants, sultanas, dates, cranberries, sunflower seeds, coconut, rolled oats, rice bubbles and corn flakes. All of this was just in the cupboard.
Each boy was given a bowl and spoon and allowed to scoop in what ever they felt like and as much as they wanted.
They were actually really restrained and thoughtful
We started by tasting everything and that limited the amount of fingers in the bowls. Well that was until I added the condensed milk. I put in enough to make each one gooey. (yes the technical term) Once they were all mixed and stuck together, I pressed each one into the large tray on baking paper to keep everyones creation separate. Into the oven on a moderate heat until golden (again highly technical) and we got:
Yummy crunchy museli bars. I know what is in them and the worst is condensed milk. THe best bit is they are easy, quick, cheap and REALLY YUMMY.

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