Sunday, May 26

B Inspired

My clever girlfriend Marg bought a shop. She has made a big switch from the corporate accounting world, but if anyone can make it work - it is this one.

I was privileged enough to work, no, I played shops, for a couple of days and it was fabulous fun. I finished my stint with a party - as you do. The launch party of Marg's B Inspired was also her birthday. 

Her store is in Mailing Road, Canterbury and it a long standing stationary store - but full of other goodies which we had fun stocking.

This is a new range of specklefarm that is great for the kids.

The beautiful store with pressed metal ceilings and chandeliers and all the cabinetry is antique furniture, has an olde world feel.

Homewears and desk accessories sit beside cards, soaps and hankies.

Decorative globes, waterbottles or environmentally friendly notebooks

Oh - these are the cakes from the bakery down the road. DELISH!

Huge range of invitations and kids cards. She has a great range of vintage inspired childrens cards.

Oh - and whats a party withouth champagne. I love these little bottles with the straws (which are also available at B Inspired - Mailing Road, Canterbury)

If your out that way - go say Hi to Marg!

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