Monday, April 27

New Adventures

Today I played my first game of basketball - ever. I have never even played back in the olden days at school. I was a netball girl. I have, more recently, watched an awful lot of basketball and a lot of awful basketball. But today it was me putting on a show.

I was so nervous - like never before. I only knew one person in the team and where I should be. I also basically knew what to wear. I bought myself some black basketball shorts from kmart. They only set me back $5, but are extra large mens.... so a pair of spanx stepped in for skins or bike shorts just in case they fell down. I borrowed a pair of the kids socks and shaved my pits and knees - to look respectable.

Then I found myslef scrounging on the floor in the oldests room to find some contact lenses that I could steel  as mine are majorly out of date. I was of course running out of precious pre game prep time. Whacked in one contact, but the nerves were getting the better of me, so much so that I couldn't get my hand still enough to get the other one in. Whoops - lost the car keys- now in a dead set panic. Grab keys and jacket and make like the wind to the stadium. Driving in a permanent wink as still only one contact in. The other is drying out on my finger waiting for a red light.

I got there in the nick of time, popped that wicked lense in and was off. And man were we off. There was non stop running. After the first three minutes I was red faced and exhausted - but it was exhillerating too. Exercising without the thought is so much easier. Basketball however is not as easy as it has looked. I will have to rethink all those things I yell out to the boys and I now personallly understand why the boys seem so tired in that final quarter. They are not looking at the score, they are counting down how much longer they have to run for - as least that is what I was doing. We lost, but not by a lot. 29:21 and I actually scored a goal. I also did a few travels - bouncing and running are a bit new to me - but we are off on a great adventure. I will learn these chicks names who were all so welcoming and fun and look forward to next week. Maybe I'll also do a sneaky bit of training.

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