Monday, April 25


Today a new cupboard came inside - it is not pretty - outside nor in. I have had a present cupboard but it was not just one. I had a little stash of gifts in all different spots and I have been collecting for about 15 years. When I see a little something on sale, sometimes I get one for me and one or two for the present cupboard. However, I don't always seem to be gifting these little gems on. I spent the whole day finding, sorting and of course documenting (on an excel spreadsheet - this little virgo can't help herself) all of my little gifties.
Now I have a lovely sortable list which tells me exactly where everything is, what it is and who may like it. I can even sort by category - (stop laughing Robyn!)
The other thing is I have this big ugly cabinet at the end of my bed, reminding me of all that lies within.....oh and there is a little ban on any more presents for the cupboard.

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