Wednesday, April 6

Easter Bonnet Parade

I would love to say that it all went as happily as this photo looks, but alas that is not the case. This lovely image was taken after kinder ended, and they were leaving for the day. They were more than happy to pose together with their hats on, but earlier....
A reluctant Spencer joined the group to parade around the grounds,
but Benji was not happy and I could hardly convince him to come outside let alone put the hat on. He was not moving and made it very, very clear that he was not happy.
On a brighter note, when that was over, they were all happy.
THe other great thing they got to do was make Hot Cross Buns. The local Brumby's came out with the dough and each child could make their own bun, adding in the sultanas etc. and decorate the top. They then took them away to bake and brought them back at the end of session.
Each child's buns were carefully named and given out at the end of class. Spencer even managed an S on his and a secret pile of sultanas in the middle.

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