Thursday, April 28


School and kinder are both back in full swing and surprisingly we are all comping well with the return to normal transmission. Over the break I made a few changes to how I do things so that we can be a little more organised - and start the day in a much 'calmer' fashion.
The bags all now have a home on their own hooks by the front door, and the required shoes are also lined up. Shoes has to be one of the banes of my existence but so far so good.
The first day at kinder, I also had nominated to do duty. What seemed like a good idea at the time was almost enough to tip me over after a long holiday. I survived - with the fruit cut, floors swept and swings pushed. It is a lovely opportunity to see the boys in action, but it is also incredibly draining. I don't know where the lovely staff get their energy!
Our session went really well and Benji (the one with speech issues) even got up in front of the class to talk about his camping trip! That trip was SO worth it. I was beaming from the kitchen and he was so proud of himself. He is really starting to come out of himself which is awesome.
The session ended with Edward, the class bear, being given to Spencer for the week. Spencer of course was thrilled and Benji was too. Me - not so much....
We have already had the school 'dog' for a visit and now the kinder bear - which will apparently visit us a total of 4 times this year. It is not the visiting I take issue with, it is the associated 'homework' that becomes a bit of a drag. Edward was with us for a week and we took pictures of all the events. It was a bit long and Spencer actually lost interest in him a bit. I got busy putting all the pictures together with some text for him to present to the class.
What I did enjoy about the process was the look of the pictures from my iphone with the hipstermatic camera app. Love the retro feel....

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