Saturday, May 14

By the horns

We were lazing around this morning - reading the papers when we saw an ad for Walking with Dinosaurs. An amazing lifesize dinosaur production. Spencer is currently obsessed with dinos, and while we had thought about going the cost was prohibitive ($100 x 5!!) Today we saw they are closing tomorrow and all remaining tix were $50 so we booked and saw it this afternoon.
There was no preparation, just jumped in the car and went - amazing for us.
Poor Spence - who is the reason we were there- was PETRIFIED. Not of the dinosaurs, but of entering the arena. He would not go in, and once forced in continued to cry and carry on while squeezed in behind my back. He was suggesting he needed to go in an ambulance or to hospital because he felt so bad. I felt like a terrible mother forcing him to go, but then he went on and on and on that it actually became a bit funny (I know awful).
However, as soon as the show started, he stopped. He LOVED every minute - hopping quickly on to his own seat and almost giving me a running commentary. I knew that would happen which is why I pushed him to go in. He hasn't stopped talking about it - mission accomplished.
(We all enjoyed it too - worth it if it is near you)

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