Thursday, May 12


Some times you cannot see changes. They are small or seem insignificant. Other times they appear as a major shift and you wonder how you didn't see it coming. Maybe you have to take a step back to see it - or other times it needs to be pointed out to you.
I got it pointed out not once but twice this week - and it was wonderful.
In working with Benji and his speech issues, it seems there is a lot wrapped up in it, his confidence, ability to socialise with peers, join in etc. This week I had an extra kinder duty (aren't they both a privilege and a chore) and the kinder teacher told me how much he had improved - in every aspect. He is chatty and open, able to join in the games at mat time and integrating more as part of the group. All the things I want him to be able to do. Subsequently we had another appointment with the new speechie (I forgot the first one!) and she pushed him to a new level and he was able to meet her expectations.
Obviously we have been taking baby steps and I haven't been able to see. Time to open my eyes.

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