Saturday, May 7

For My Mums Day

Mothers Day is swiftly approaching, and as with every year, the challenge is to find something to make for her. With her birthday also falling in May, this always proves to be difficult. Mr P and I feel that she probably has enough jewellery this year and we need to change tack. We made a jumper out of brown and gold stripe knit (I need to get a picture of it!!) and some thick leggings to go with it. Matched with an improved belt we were done - but the kids.....
There is only so much room on ones fridge for artwork so I was trying to think of an idea using their art and then I thought of a cushion.
Each of the boys did a drawing of Nan on a rectangle of fabric. I used Pentel Fabric pastels as they give good colour and don't need too much pressure. Benji used the wrong side of the fabric but thats ok too.
I had a new pillow that I used as the cushion and covered it in silk furnishing fabrics (honestly which I had in my stash - they were given to me in offcut sizes.) The trim I got for a steal some time back and I appliqued the drawings on.
I was really pleased with the result and it was really easy. The front and the back are different fabrics - so the pictures can either be displayed, or hidden depending on the situation. The cards (top picture) we made using photos of the kids artwork. While I say this was easy, I do have to own up to a little shortcut - no zip, or closure of any kind. Yep, I simply sewed the whole thing shut. No washing of this little beauty!

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