Wednesday, June 6

Emergency Refashion

I have a bit of a before and after for you today - all thanks to a mirror! I got dressed today, knowing I was spending the morning in the classroom. What I didn't know (until 8:30) was that it was walk to school day and we would be rushing to school on foot. 
 That is where the outfit began to come undone. It rode up, the petticoat rode down and it was all a bit hot mess. Not to mention the fundamental flaw that the dress does not suit my shape. In my imagination I am tall and willowy. This is not my reality. I made the dress last year and it is batwing and comes in towards the hem (fabric from Spotlight) I also made the cardi and leggings and clearly should take photos with some reflective aid prior to posing! Anyway .... I haven't worn the dress much because it is too much hard work. I need to wear a slip, heels and really work it which clearly wasnt happening today. Also it grips around my bum and hits in all the wrong spots.
 So I chopped it off! Simple as that - I marked where it needed to hem for a top and the rest - well I hung it around my neck and it became a scarf! Two rows of overlocking and two seams and I have a new piece which will get far more wear.
 Here are the after shots - with the aid of a bit of makeup and some lighting makes it all look so much better - but pared with my dark teal coloured jeans (Kmart for $19) all much better.
 Sooooo much better than before and all done while catching up on Y&R!!

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