Wednesday, August 8


Anyone who knows me has no doubt waited somewhere for me, or for something from me. Why?? Because I am ALWAYS late. My vision of myself is a wild haired lady crazily running from one thing to the next. This is by no means intentional, its just that I am easily sidetracked. Like today.
Today I am working from home. The actual work that brings in money...I did do some, but then I got a bit bored and started to think about other things. The other things in pinterest.

Yes Pinterest, that place which if full of ideas where time has no meaning. Its a bit like the pokies for me - terribly addictive but doesn't result in much, until today.

I had seen a tshirt on there that was so me and I made myself one.

 As one of the big squirrel's colleages just commented - no NOT pregnant, but maybe that's just HIS issue. Putting it on my top saves that little bit of time....

How I did it.

With my MARVELLOUS Silhouette cameo, I cut out the words on freezer paper. Set on a lightweight paper setting with the shiny side of the freezer paper DOWN. This way it comes off the sticky mat easily and means you do not need to flip the fo

Then I ironed the freezer paper onto a tshirt

As I am not only late but inherently lazy, I used these fabric pastels to colour in the tshirt. Why? I couldn't find my fabric paint but I did find my lost felting tools - yeah!!

The fabric pastels are simply that - and I coloured in from the outer edge in. It worked best if I heated up the tshirt a little. This made the pastel melt and colour quicker.

Once happy with the depth of colour, a hot iron over a sheet of paper sets the pastel. Once this is done, I could remove the freezer paper stencil.

And ta-da completed shirt.

Thought I was being clever taking this picture on the computer instead of in the mirror - but found I had to flip that one anyway!

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  1. Wow, look at you! a tshirt AND a blog post. Woo Hoo :)

    ps: love your silhouette machine what a time saver!