Saturday, February 22

Patterns Review - Vogue 8975

I haven't sewn much for myself of late as I seem to have lost my mojo. More probably because I have lost anyone to do it with. Mr P broke up and I lost my surrogate sister sewer, Mum really can't anymore and even my sewing group of girls have gone to highschool so it is a bit lonely to do it by yourself. 

Anyhow I battled through and on Friday night after basketball I sat and attacked this pattern - Vogue 8975. It is really outside of my usual and I don't have anything like this. I like the pocket and hem detail so I thought I would give it a go. 

I used a grey knit that I had and it takes about 2 metres. The back is in four pieces but quite plain given all the detail at the front. It goes together easily and more importantly is comfortable to wear.

 Good lord - sorry about these photos. (and the state of my mirror) Really not showing it. I made the medium which is a good fit. I only used a one way stretch fabric (it recommends 2) but it isn't a problem.
 I had originally intended to leave it sleeveless, but then I wore it this morning and was a bit cold, so I came home and popped the sleeves in! (As you do) I actually think it will be a  lot more versatile this way. I think I may need another one of these. An easy to use pattern - highly recommend. Now to try the cardi.

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  1. What a great dress! And I love that you just went home and 'popped the sleeves on.':)