Saturday, February 1

Shop On

I work for my girlfriend in her stationery shop. I say work lightly, because it doesn't really feel like work because it is fun. I say that I get to play shops. I work once a week, have the flexibility to do what I want in the shop, merchandising etc (within reason of course) and then go home. I do however want her to do well and make lots of money. Then at least I can keep playing shops.

Today I got the opportunity to go to the gift fair with her, which is a bit of a treat. This is the smaller one based in Melbourne and unlike last time, we went in with a plan and a much better idea of our customer. We visited our regular suppliers, got some new stock and some top up stock and nothing too

The main goal of this trade fair, would you believe, is Christmas!! Yes, next week in Sydney all the wholesalers are displaying their Christmas 14 wares to pick. Personally I am so over Christmas that the idea of looking at it is a drag. Having said that we have a much clearer idea of what moves and what doesn't. What is too much and what is a good seller. I think we will have a much better handle on Christmas this year and are ready for the challenge!!

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