Monday, February 17

Sewing - Girls skirt McCalls 5459

One of our Faux cousins is having a birthday so we needed a little something extra. She is turning 9 and we have a book etc. but I thought I would make a skirt. She is at that age where clothes are not always age appropriate. For some reason, once you hit size 8, everything is a bit old, and particularly in the girls section a little over sexualised.
This skirt is a great little easy to wear number that would be great in summer with a tshirt or winter with leggings. It has a yoke with elastic at the back. There is no zip. The skirt is half circle which makes it nice and flippy - or really spinny. I made a size 8 yoke but cut the skirt length at a 12 to give it a bit longer life. It is made from a stretch cotton.

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