Monday, December 31

Goodbye and good riddance 2012

Well - the last day of 2012. The day the Mayans didn't think we would see, and a  year I am happy to see the back of.
There have been some good things - such as all the boys at school and all having a great year. Such a relief! I have been fitter and healthier this year and started some work out of the house and one of those in a business I plan to grow in 2013.
On the flip side there has been a lot of worry:
Ongoing and unknown health problems for both my Mum and Dad. They have aged all of a sudden.
Worry about the twins being ready for school and additional help
Legal issues - for a good friend and then threats from a family member.
A search warrant at home! Seriously - thankfully resolved but required new knickers!

As a result I am trying to change my thinking an my actions. Lots of these issues could have been averted had action been taken earlier and that is what we are trying to do now and in the new year. Worry less and do more. We have started taking some action and it feels good. Some long needed jobs are happening around home. The deck has been oiled and looks great, finishing touches that were left as soon as the space became liveable and of course some financial issues which now have some action and timeframes.
With a lot of luck and hard work, 2013 will be better, or at least more enjoyable.
Wishing you all a happy but more importantly healthy new year!

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