Wednesday, December 26

Virgo Escape!

Sometimes I cannot control my inner virgo. She is often bubbling not far from the surface - but other times she just explodes. This time of year, the traditional time of lists (even santa writes one) and resolutions is a tough time for her.

Case in point:

This was todays production. An update for my christmas book. Yes, I already have one but this one is better - on the computer and with pictures. See - cant control her. I have gone around and photographed all of our decorations, cataloged what I have and where they will be stored. Also a list of some of our traditions, some of the things we did and other things to remember. I will put it in my christmas folder for next year.
I know it is really tragic but it really helped this year and made for a much smoother running festive time. The original idea for this is from and this is my way of tailoring it a little.
Hope you are getting over christmas!!

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