Wednesday, December 26

sew...its christmas day

This year Santa didn't deliver anything for me to wear on christmas day so out came the machine for an emergency whip up. 

I had bought this fabric at darn cheap (glenhuntly) recently. It is a knit and the panel is around 80cm wide. At $6.95/m. At $6.95 not a huge investment. 
(As a side this is our traditional brother and sister christmas tree photo - I must be in a bit of a rush as I am holding the TV remote!! Weird)

 Basically what I did was:
1. Cut small slit between panel repeats to form head hole. This was turned under and hemmed.
2. Folded in half and sewed two side seams. I left a gat at the tops for the armholes.
3. Hemmed the armholes.
4. Made a quick casing for some elastic around the bottom and put in on.
then I cut off the threads!!

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