Saturday, August 17

And even more hairspray

I didn't get out to our school 80s bingo night last weekend as I was sick. There was no way I was missining this weeks opportunity to wear the waterwash taffeta gown made by my schoolmate IN the 80's.
Here tis.

 And the back
 This was last seen in public circa 1989 at our year ten formal- at the National Art Gallery. We were in the room with the stained glass ceiling. My "date" at the time was in the courtyard climbing on the Henry Moore sculptures! No wonder we weren't allowed back there. My dress then, was more classic (of the time) black velvet bodice with 3/4 sleeve and sweetheart neckline with a green shot black skirt.
This however is my date for the soccer trivia night. 
Yes - that is an original parachute tracksuit from our archives. The tshirt is the one we made for Xandy. Its not exactly a cropped shirt on him - but you don't need to see all of it!

I 80's up my look with some lace fingerless gloves and matching headband. The massive clip on earrings were found in an old makeup case along with the blue eyeshadow!

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