Friday, August 2


Somethings just get you thinking. At the moment there are winds of change stirring. They seem to be good winds, stirring for everyone but me. I feel like I am standing at the epicentre of the hurricane and everything or everyone is starting to do good things and changing and I am the only one standing still.

I don't know if it is the impending Oh! birthday or not but I feel either stuck in a rut or maybe on the cusp of change. There have been lots of house movements, renovations, babies, new jobs, careers or creations. These are the books Bic has self published funded through pozzible. And I have done nuthin.
Whats more is that I feel like wallowing in the nuthin-ness for a while.

There are things that I could do, ideas I have that fleet through my mind. To bring anything to fruition takes a lot of effort that I am lacking at the moment.

So if you are one of those whizzing around my epicentre - good on you. No really - hats off to you for making that change and getting some things done. I'll be here, cheering you on.
Yep - from right here.


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