Monday, August 19


 I have had this digital floral print fabric for some time now. I fell in love with the colours and just couldn't quite decide what to do with it. Initially I thought a full blazer, maybe with some skinny pants but nothing was quite right. It is very busy but so springlike and I needed the outfit to be the same. I had 2.5 meters of 150 wide. When I made the black and green skirt 2 weeks ago I knew that was the right thing. The skirt takes up a fair bit of fabric and I have had this pattern for some time and thought while it may not go together, it would be a good piece. (and I would have enough fabric)
 Well only just enough fabric! This has the capped sleeve of version D and the collar (sans frill) of version A. It is closed with a skirt hook rather than trying to find the right button.
 This is the skirt - finished also today. It was mostly done last weekend, before I felt sick and it was simply a matter of finishing it off. I love the colours in this.
Also today the twin needling of the hems on this outfit. Again this is knit from spotlight. I made the top and straight skirt from this new look pattern. I think it needs a pink wrap cardi or something bright to make it pop. Still - either way I'm sure it will be appreciated.
I was happy to finish off another 2 projects. Saved from the UFO basket!

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