Saturday, December 18

Day 18 - Celebrate

This year I bought a lot of the Christmas magazines, but the one I love the most was the Delicious. We hosted a christmas dinner and the entire menu was lifted from its pages. Here you can see the spread - herb stuffed turkey breast (the herbs are stuffed into the skin of a turkey breast and then sliced like steak. The glazed ham with the pear and cranberry syrup. The pumpkin and rocket salad and the potato cakes. We even made the Cosmopolitans.
I have never done a complete menu from any book ever before. Usually because there is something I don't like. Well, there was nothing not to like and I am still surprised how well it all combined. Even eating leftovers will be exciting.
The final piece was the icecreams. They were melting before I could get my blog ready image, but you get the idea. These cones are made from icecream with cherries, chocolate and macadamia nuts. They looked and tasted Delicious. Thanks Miss G for your help with these.
While the food was Delicious. the company was great too and we all had a lovely relaxing evening with the kids playing happily in the back yard on the new deck and track. A merry prechristmas.

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