Friday, December 31

New look for the New Year

Rather than sloth around procrastinating and writing a list of new years resolutions, my only resolution is to ACT. It is not even the new year yet and I have already taken action. The blog is looking a little tidier and I am loving my new header. This image was a gift from my brother who cleverly adapted it for here. I have the original which isn't red, waiting for the right frame.
I have also started another little blog which is simply a resting place for all of those great ideas I see and want to file away somewhere for another day. It is my inspiration files and you may get a little something from it too.
So now as the countdown is on - I will get in early and wish you all a happy New Year.

1 comment:

  1. Oh it's so beautiful. Love the new look. Look at you all ready for 2011. Look forward to travelling some of your journey with you. Happy New Year Nic. x