Thursday, December 9

Day 9 - Sing Christmas Carols

We had Alexander's outdoor event for school tonight. All the kids performed and cleverly the performing arts teacher had combined the year levels so there were only 10 items. The grade 6's who are about to leave the school did separate dances. It is really great to see all the kids learning a routine and happy to perform it.
Alexander really got into it this year and managed front row! They boggies and wiggled their hips to Surfing Safari. Benji and Spencer danced along in the aisle.
Then the choirs finished off with some carols. Yes Santa was sneaky tonight. They were singing and dong the actions and having a good time.
What I love about this is not so much the picture but what it represents. Here is a boy who wouldn't get up in front of people and if he did, was a bit unco and didn't really pay attention. Yet here he is this year, in the choir that he joined by choice (!) attended, practiced and learned. He knew the words, knew the movements and you could see that he was having fun. That makes for a proud mum & dad.

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  1. this brought a tear to my eye nic, isn't it the best watching our eldests grow into themselves and gain that confidence...