Friday, March 7

Another 4 oh - not mine

A massive day today getting everything ready for a long weekend away and a bit of basketball too, I  managed to squeeze  a bit of a special dinner in with a dear friend. She just popped out baby Harper and. 5 days later, another celebration.

My job was  that of a decoy. Her husband didn't want her birthday to slip by unnoticed so he arranged  a night at a city hotel with a further surprise of a little room party of family and some friends. I can't do tonight, so my job was to get her into the city so hubby could take over. I'd love to say I thought it was a fabulous idea - but 5 days after having  a c-section for 2nd bubs and heading off to celebrate would not have been my idea of fun - just sayin.

I arranged for the Conservatory at Crown as it is big and relatively quiet. Its a bit fancy too which is nice for a special day. There was room for the pram and to feed if she needed. As it turned out, little bubs slept the whole time.

I got to enjoy the serenity for a while, a long while, at the restaurant, while they grappled with the realisation that getting 2 children anywhere takes more than double the time.  I was able to sit back and laugh, having a smug been there, done that moment.

We had a lovely, albeit rushed lunch as the buffet closed our table was covered in desserts so as not to miss out. Sadly my skirt was too tight when I got there, so I was more than a little uncomfortable on the trip home to pick up the kids from school and head off to Portsea.

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