Sunday, March 16

Picture cushion

 I'm so thrilled with the result of this cushion that I made a friend for her birthday that I had to share it with you. I was a bit stuck with what to get her. She has been so supportive during our mum ordeal and I wanted to give her something nice. Clothes wasn't the thing and then I thought cushion.

I went to her blog and stole one of her photos. Luckily they were in high resolution and I printed it onto canvas paper that I had. (If only it was really this easy. I also had to buy ink, realign my printer heads, waste a few sheets and stop trying to print it from powerpoint and then I finally got this image but it should just be print)
 The picture is a4 size and my thought was a long cushion rather than a classic square. In my stash I found some grey linen which went well. I also cut some calico the same size as the linen had a bit of give to it and I didn't want it to stretch when I stuffed it.
 I zig zaged the edges and essentially appliqued the canvas to the linen and calico. Then I sewed up one long edge and pressed it.
 I also found some quilt batting and decided that that would give it a richer finish. I trimmed it to size and then sewed a black velvet ribbon over the edge of the photo and along what will be the back of the cushion.
 Then turned it all inside out and sewed the side seams leaving the top end open. I trimmed the corners before turning it in the right way.

 Once the corners were pushed out, I stuffed it with some wadding - quite stiffly. Then I hand stitched the end closed.
 And all finished - here is the front
And the back if you didn't want the picture on display.

What thrilled me the most was that she loved it. Apparently it was one of her favourite photos (luck on my part) and she was missing her older sone who was off on camp with Xandy. Nailed it!

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