Wednesday, March 12

Worth the wait

The waiting is the worst bit. For anything - good or bad. For an operation - the pits.

Not knowing.

The only thing that makes is better is knowing and the BEST feeling in the world is seeing.

We huddled in a corner finally with news that she was coming up. She had lived through the operation. We had no idea what we were going to get. In the neurology ward you get all types, the person unable to control bizarre yells and groans to the person sitting in a vegetative state. At this point all we knew was that she was still alive and was coming up.

Its that moment when you want to both look and not look, but gee I am so glad I looked. Mums bed swung around the corner and she smiled at us. Her tiny head slightly propped but she could not only see, but she could see and recognise us. Then she spoke - " Hello my darlings. What a wonderful welcoming party" The relief washed over me in waves. She can see, she knows us and she can speak. She sounds like mum. She is cracking jokes like Robin Williams on a roll. She is back to the woman we know and love.

She still has a massive bandage around her head and a bit of a fat lip, but the immediate change in her is absolutely amazing. She answers all the mandatory questions correctly and we eventually leave, go home and eat together where we can finally stomach food. Lets hope this progress continues.

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